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  1. Hi Doug, I just sent this to the Visual Arts Center. So glad you reached out, I am sorry it took me so long to write this, but I mean every word. And you can quote me on that!
    All my best!

    This email is long overdue! I took Douglas Jones Playwriting class in the fall, and because of my schedule I couldn’t make it to the last class and let the time slip away from me and I never turned in my survey of how the class went-

    Well I loved the playwriting class! Doug created the space for all of us to open up and explore our creativity, our vulnerability, and our unique story. His writing exercises and prompts were so useful and effective, that I use them on a regular basis. Especially when I find myself stuck… Since Doug’s class I have completed an hour-long Solo-performance piece that I have since performed in several venues. I have no doubt his class gave me the confidence and support I needed as a budding writer to accomplish this herculean task.
    I would reccommend Douglas Jones Playwriting class to anyone interested in writing a play or any other form of self exploration using the written word.
    Thank you Doug for making the process a little less daunting, and a lot more human.

    All my best,
    Eva DeVirgilis

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