Doug edits novels, short stories, essays, articles, memoirs, plays and screenplays. Recently he finished working on Vivian Lawry’s third novel Nettie’s Books and Katie Sullivan’s harrowing memoir The End of the World, which details her three year experience working to identify human remains and issue death certificates after 9/11.
“What Doug taught me was the structure of a play–the beginning, middle and end–and  the importance of conflict, character development, pacing, and making every word count. And discipline.”

                                                                 –Clay McLeod Chapman (Pulitzer-nominated author,                                                                                       playwright, writing instructor at The Actors Studio)

“Doug is not only a gifted wordsmith; he is an inspiring and thought-provoking teacher for writing students at every level. In his Writing the Shadow class, he creates an environment that allows for a close examination of one’s craft and one’s self, enabling writers to find their voice, enrich their characters, and connect with others on similar literary journeys. I highly recommend his classes and his editing service to other writers.”

                                                                 –Kris Spisak (Author, Editor, Web Content Specialist)

“As a writer’s and editor’s coach, Doug represents the best blend of characteristics you’d want on your side: technical, insightful as well as experienced and resourceful. No matter what you throw his way, he helps you see the potentials–the possibilities.”

                                                                 –Jenny Loveland (Writer, Painter, Instructor)

“Douglas Jones is a wonderful creative writing teacher. I was lucky enough to be a member of his writing workshop The Creative Spark at The Visual Arts Center. The class was inspiring and so thought provoking. He creates such a supportive atmosphere that anyone, from beginner to seasoned writer will benefit from his instruction and guidance.”

                                                               –Lana Estepp (Independent Writing and Editing)

Questions?  Contact doug@douglasjoneswriter.com.

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